Like the Woman at the Well

John 4:29  Come, see a man, which told me all things that ever I did: is not this the Christ?  The account of the woman at the well is a familiar one, but verse 29 mystified me for the longest time. So, I prayed and asked God to help me understand it better. This woman … Continue reading Like the Woman at the Well

God’s Restoring Touch

If you have ever watched those car or house restoration shows, you’ve seen those restorers who look at an old heap and see potential where everyone else can only see failure. Praise God the He is the Master Restorer Who can look at any broken life and still see potential not just for redemption but … Continue reading God’s Restoring Touch

What a difference Christ makes!

When I read John’s encounter with the Lord in Revelation, it reminds me of Isaiah’s vision of God in the temple in Isaiah chapter 6. There are parallels but there are significant differences as well, and those differences are important for us as believers. And when I saw him, I fell at his feet as … Continue reading What a difference Christ makes!

What most impresses God

Being part of the Levitical priesthood had stringent requirements. Like the animals they sacrificed, the Levitical priests had to be perfect physical specimens (See Leviticus 21). After a certain age a priest was not even allowed to participate in some aspects of worship. Why so stringent? Because the priests and the animals they sacrificed were … Continue reading What most impresses God

Life’s not fair! Part 4. Reconciliation, not revenge.

You know how in the movies the good guy gets to give the bad guy his “comeuppance?” It’s so common that it’s cliché: The bad guy’s bad. The good guy is bullied and terrorized by the bad guy. The good guy finally puts the bad guy in his place, roll credits. If Joseph’s life were … Continue reading Life’s not fair! Part 4. Reconciliation, not revenge.

Lord of Promise

This is another passage from the Book of Isaiah where the prophet is addressing a generation he’ll never know, the generation that would one day get to return to the Promised Land. But this time, instead of speaking directly to His audience, the Lord has the prophet record a private conversation between Himself and His … Continue reading Lord of Promise

Reconciliation, Not Destruction

The goal of God’s discipline in our lives is never destruction. It is always aimed toward reconciliation. For most of us, when God brings chastisement, we see it as the end of the world. In a sense it is. Because there are some sins that carry heavy and life-changing consequences. Some of our actions can … Continue reading Reconciliation, Not Destruction