What is Fair?

Dogs have a strong sense of what they consider fair. If you have more than one dog, and one dog gets a treat the others think they should get one too, even if the other dogs didn’t do anything for the treat. They love getting something for nothing and when it comes to obeying commands, … Continue reading What is Fair?

Contentment Trumps Circumstance

There are certain passages of Scripture that we think we know. We rattle them off like we can rattle off our street address, but unlike our street address, these “familiar” verses don’t always take us where we assume they take us. Philippians 4:13 is a verse like that: I can do all things through Christ … Continue reading Contentment Trumps Circumstance

Joy is a Constant

In our one of our photo albums we have a picture of all four of our kids together in their Sunday best. It was right before we were getting ready to leave for church. The three oldest were all smiles, but our youngest was as frownie-faced as she could be. I get a chuckle out … Continue reading Joy is a Constant

No matter what else happens, I will always have God.

Let’s be honest: some things are easier said than done. In our heads we know we’re supposed to rejoice in the Lord, but sometimes it’s really hard to get our hearts to come along. Paul wrote Philippians from prison and the key word in that entire letter is “rejoice.” I don’t know about you, but … Continue reading No matter what else happens, I will always have God.