God is not Who we think He is

Yesterday I read a quote that said: “God is not Who you think He is. He is Who He says He is.” It is a powerful and true saying. During His ministry, Jesus had a turning point moment where He lost a great many followers because He challenged their conceptions of Messiah on that very … Continue reading God is not Who we think He is

The sun will come out tomorrow

I know that goes without saying. It’s “Captain Obvious” obvious. The sun is out every day, even when there’s clouds. Any elementary school child knows this. As believers, however, we often put more faith in the reliability of the sun than we do in the reliability of God. We have a head knowledge of His … Continue reading The sun will come out tomorrow

Isn’t it obvious?

Their question identified their problem: unbelief. Jesus said as much: “I told you [Who I was], and ye believed not.” He had even given them ample proof: “the works that I do in my Father’s name, they bear witness of me” (John 10:25). The problem these naysayers had was not lack of evidence. It was … Continue reading Isn’t it obvious?