Acts on Prayer: Don’t Panic — Pray!

Acts chapter 4 records the first persecution of the fledgling church. In the previous chapter, Peter and John had gone up to the temple for public prayer. When they got there, they saw a man whom the Bible says was “lame from his mother’s womb” (Acts 3:1). Today we would probably refer to the man as a paraplegic. Typical for the day, because the man could not work, he made his living begging. He was a regular there (Acts 3:2) and received alms from the temple goers all the time.

When Peter and John happened upon the man, they offered him something better. They showed him Jesus Christ and they healed the man (Acts 3:6-11). That the man was healed was irrefutable because he did more than thank Peter and John, he leapt about praising God! It was the equivalent of an end zone celebration after a touchdown.
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