Living the Example

I’m not a huge fan of board games (except maybe for Monopoly). To me, most board games are more like “bored” games and nothing is more frustrating to me than to have someone pull out the rule book and start reading it before we can start playing. Usually about an eighth into the first paragraph … Continue reading Living the Example

Living the Mind of Christ

Have you ever noticed how much it affects you when someone you deeply respect rebukes, or encourages you? If they rebuke you, it shakes you to your core and convicts you to do some serious soul searching. If they encourage you, the words can impact your whole life. But when someone you don’t respect says … Continue reading Living the Mind of Christ

Paul: Radical on Trial

It’s funny how some things never change. The spokesman of a radical cause gets arrested and while many are glad to have him off the streets, his arrest makes his cause more popular and many others rally to his side. Even his critics, just by criticizing his cause “raise awareness” of it and that wins … Continue reading Paul: Radical on Trial

Be remembered well

People who restore old cars do it because they appreciate the craftsmanship and the story behind them. A classic car is like a work of art. A restored classic car is like a work of art you can drive. Try that with the Mona Lisa the next time you’re at the Louvre and see where … Continue reading Be remembered well

Magnifying glass

Under the Magnifying Glass

One day at work two of my co-workers, I’ll call them “Joe” and “Fred,” came to my desk. Out of the blue, Joe asked me: “Hey, Glenn, wanna hear a dirty joke?” I told him, “No.” It was what Joe expected me to say, but what intrigued me was the exchange that happened between Joe … Continue reading Under the Magnifying Glass

What Goes in Will Come Out

Set a watch, O LORD, before my mouth; keep the door of my lips.  (Psalms 141:3) Imagine you have a bucket of water and it's filled almost to the top. There's no lid and you have to carry it in both hands along a busy sidewalk. People are all around you, bumping you, shoving you … Continue reading What Goes in Will Come Out