Difficulty, Deprivation, Deceit – and the Glory of God?

As God continued preparing the people of Israel for their entry into the Promised Land and the blessings they would face, He made some startling revelations about their past journey and their future. The difficulties they faced along the way were not just allowed by God, they were authored by Him. And thou shalt remember … Continue reading Difficulty, Deprivation, Deceit – and the Glory of God?

Paul: Radical on Trial

It’s funny how some things never change. The spokesman of a radical cause gets arrested and while many are glad to have him off the streets, his arrest makes his cause more popular and many others rally to his side. Even his critics, just by criticizing his cause “raise awareness” of it and that wins … Continue reading Paul: Radical on Trial

God always remembers

They say the two best days of a boat owner's life are the day he gets the boat and the day he gets rid of it. Don’t believe me? Ask Noah. Building that huge boat was no small undertaking. Dealing with the contractors had to be stressful enough! Then there was maintenance of the boat … Continue reading God always remembers