Clean "-ish" When my brothers and I were much younger, our family lived in a house where one room was designated as our playroom. We built things out of Lego, had play fights (and real ones), built forts and did all the other things little boys at play will do. We also made huge messes. … Continue reading IS THE WHOLE ROOM CLEAN?

Difficulty, Deprivation, Deceit – and the Glory of God?

As God continued preparing the people of Israel for their entry into the Promised Land and the blessings they would face, He made some startling revelations about their past journey and their future. The difficulties they faced along the way were not just allowed by God, they were authored by Him. And thou shalt remember … Continue reading Difficulty, Deprivation, Deceit – and the Glory of God?

Checking your signal

I set up our home network and ran network wire so I could directly connect my desktop PC with my router. Network cable is not like coax cable (like you use for your TV) or like electrical wire. You have to be careful with it. If you skin or kink the cable badly you can … Continue reading Checking your signal

Held Back from the Brink

When I was very young, my parents took us to Niagara Falls. They liked going there and we visited the Falls more than once. The first time that I remember was when I was around four or five. Back then, Mom used to dress me in these little overalls with straps that went over my … Continue reading Held Back from the Brink

Life After Disobedience

After rebelling against God and refusing to go into battle to take the Promised Land, God turned Israel’s words against it and condemned that generation to forty years of wandering in the wilderness (Numbers 14:28-34). The only ones of that generation who would survive that punishment would be Joshua and Caleb. Hearing the news, “the … Continue reading Life After Disobedience

Getting Our Bearings Right

"For I give you good doctrine, forsake ye not my law."  (Proverbs 4:2) Before you head out anywhere, it’s best to have good directions. Personally, I had GPS before it was cool. I had a Global Positioning Spouse. Jane can read a map like nobody’s business and she’s very good at estimating arrival times. If … Continue reading Getting Our Bearings Right