Blue Bird of Happiness, Meet the Red Bird of Stupidity

It happens – thunk – every year – thunk! In the Spring – thunk! For about a month – thunk! This male robin makes his home in a tree next to our house and attacks all our windows. Why? Because he sees his reflection as his competition. He could be running around impressing the lady … Continue reading Blue Bird of Happiness, Meet the Red Bird of Stupidity

Life After Disobedience

After rebelling against God and refusing to go into battle to take the Promised Land, God turned Israel’s words against it and condemned that generation to forty years of wandering in the wilderness (Numbers 14:28-34). The only ones of that generation who would survive that punishment would be Joshua and Caleb. Hearing the news, “the … Continue reading Life After Disobedience

Imperfect Yes, But Still Growing

The apostle Peter is the most imperfect Christian in the New Testament. And that’s why we love him so. All his faults, foibles, fumbles and flubs are on display for us to see and when we look at him, we see ourselves. To quote Warren Wiersbe: “He had a tendency in his early years to … Continue reading Imperfect Yes, But Still Growing