A Personal Story

My parents survived World War II concentration camp. In Indonesia. Under the Japanese. My dad was 13 and my mom was 6 when they and their families were put there. My parents, who are both in Heaven now, were Dutch-Indonesian, born in Indonesia when it was still a Dutch colony. My mom used to joke … Continue reading A Personal Story

Thyatira: A Church in Compromise

Church discipline is never a pleasant thing. It weighs heavily on the hearts of church leadership and it is uncomfortable for a church body to endure. That’s by design. It isn’t meant to be pleasant. It is corrective (Proverbs 22:10) and instructive (Proverbs 21:11). Unpleasant as it is, when it is not carried out, the … Continue reading Thyatira: A Church in Compromise

Who Is This Proverbs 31 Lady, Anyway?

For this series I am going to put up a post at the end of each month until I am done looking at the Proverbs 31 Lady, because her passage appears at the end of Proverbs and if you’re reading a Proverb a day, you get to read about this lady at the end of … Continue reading Who Is This Proverbs 31 Lady, Anyway?