Serving to Lead

The church at Philippi began with the conversion of Lydia, the seller of purple (Acts 16:14), and the Philippian jailor. It is now 62 A.D., about 10 years after Paul’s first visit to Philippi and he is again in prison for his faith, most likely writing from Rome. Because of his failing eyesight, Timothy his … Continue reading Serving to Lead

Boys are stupid

One day when I was little, I was inside because it was raining. I was mopey about that since I really wanted to be outside. Instead, I was inside playing with my Legos while mom was ironing clothes. At one point, mom had to leave to get something in the kitchen. So, she placed the … Continue reading Boys are stupid

What most impresses God

Being part of the Levitical priesthood had stringent requirements. Like the animals they sacrificed, the Levitical priests had to be perfect physical specimens (See Leviticus 21). After a certain age a priest was not even allowed to participate in some aspects of worship. Why so stringent? Because the priests and the animals they sacrificed were … Continue reading What most impresses God

For Jonathan’s Sake

When David and Jonathan first met each other, the Bible says, “the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David.” It is the Bible’s way of saying they were kindred spirits. This happens sometimes between believers. The two might never have met before, but something in the heart of both, a shared faith … Continue reading For Jonathan’s Sake

Vulnerable Yet Enviable

Photo by: unsplash-logoQuino Al If you have ever looked at an Old Testament map depicting the lands at the time of men like Joshua or David what is striking is where God chose to put Israel. It was (and still is) not a safe place. Economically, it was a great place. There were major powers … Continue reading Vulnerable Yet Enviable

Turning to Our Rock

You know how in action movies you have the hero, the bad guy and the person the hero is protecting? You know that scene where the hero has to confront the bad guy and the hero and the person he’s protecting are in a car outside the bad guy’s place? What does the hero almost … Continue reading Turning to Our Rock

Fire hydrant

Don’t Kick Fire Hydrants

You would think the common sense truth: "Don't kick fire hydrants" would be pretty obvious. But people do it all the time. The foolishness of man perverteth his way: and his heart fretteth [rages] against the LORD. (Proverbs 19:3) The simplicity of Proverbs is its genius. Its truths are straightforward and approachable. It is a book … Continue reading Don’t Kick Fire Hydrants